Cowboy Crisis Fund

"Helping one person at a time"

Executive Committee Members

Bill Montin, Monroe Hodges, Tom Roberts, Becky Huckeby, Herb Darras, Brett Macy, Jim Sanders, and Neidra Young.

Active Members

Sarah Hayes, Cathy Hurley, Don Thornton, Judy Sibble, Rex Herring, Dara Christian, Karla and Alva Rue Mackey, Kristi Clinton, Calvin White, Norma Reed, Rachel Ogles, Renee Thompson, Ronnie and Lisa Lawson, Cody and Missy Moore, Don Reed, Zach Jones, Jan Krauter, Barbie Cranford, Jeff and Sharon Sibble, and Doris Williams.

 President: Bill Montin

Co- Secretaries: Sarah Hayes & Kristi Clinton

 Treasurer:  Becky Huckeby

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