Cowboy Crisis Fund

"Helping one person at a time"


We would like to give a special "Thanks" to each and every one of
our Contributors, Sponsors and Long Time Associates of
The Cowboy Crisis Fund

It would be impossible to do this without you!



 U.S. Foods - Hondo Huckeby

 Eula Hasskarl

 Advanced Heating & Air

 Two Guns Trucking

 Bill Anoatubby & The Chickasaw Nation

 Mike Gray

 Hatton Enterprises

 String-Tie Ranch

 Stockard Bits & Spurs

 Darrell Thompson

 Anderson Trucking

 Billy Cook Saddlery

 Dr. Jim Clark D.D.S.

 Hallman Excavation

 Larry Mahan

 Susan Manuel

 Vision Bank

 Pre-Paid Legal

 A & J Transportation

 Cammond Industries

 Robert Cantrell

 Carlyle Hill

 David & Carolyn Nimmo

 Citizens Bank & Trust

 Childers-Childers, Architects

 Jack Wells Western Art

 Debbie Pitts

 Advanced Eye Care

 High Hopes Wine & Spirits

 Wynn's Precision Body Shop

 Arlington Animal Clinic

 David Martin

 Classic Cakes

 Courtney Morehead

 Don Thornton

 Julian Read

 Dean Smith

 Starns Chiropractic

 Bobbie's Flowers

 Burl & Sherry Webb

 Hudson Furniture

 Debbie Pitts

 Tyler Pogue


 Mead Lumber

 Chickasaw Legislature

 Judy Sibble

 Little Glasses Resort & Marina

 Marty Byrd Saddle Shop

 OG's Place

 Lutheran Ladies Sewing Group

 Eden Tree 

 Old West Cedarmill

 Gem Jewelers

 Steppin Out

 The Frame Hut

 HK Saddle Shop

 Karen's Arts & Framing

 Ada Vision Source

 Ada Smile Place

 Robert H. Macy

 Ada Adult Medicine Clinic

 Tommy Hooker

 Biggies Tanning

 Cindie Liedle

 Nichols Dollar Saver

 Linda's Skin Works 

 Landrum Chiropractic


 Paradise Tan

 Tommy Hewett M.D. Wellness Center

 Alesha Nail Salon

 Radio Shack

 Bob & Debbie Griffin

 Henry Plumbing

 Ragland-Bailey Body Shop


 Drycreek Hatters

 West Sales

 Ada Discount Motors


 J & S Exchange

 Sherrell Steel

 Pippenger , Reed & Thomas , CPA.


 Daves Music

 Charter Pine Sales

 Western Territory Art

 Jeff & Sharon Sibble

 Susan & Becca Gentry

 Deresa Gray

 Wayne Gray

 Jim Sanders

 Ada Board of Realtors

 Ada Implement

 #14 Foundation

 Randy Moore

 Dos XX Lodge

 Ron & Patsy West

 Elliott Vision Care

 Dean Smith

 Rabers Saddlery

 Hair Barn

 Thomas Myers

 Ada Greenhouse

 Reagant Chemical

 Oak Hills Golf & Country Club

 Mark Weems

 Ja Che Je Salon & Spa

 Dusty Brecheen Insurance Agency

 P.L. Davidson

 Carrie Frazier

 Huckeby & Associates


 Richard & Linda Webb

 Ace Fence & Welding

 Ada Tire Center

 Criswell Funeral Home

 Tinker Federal Credit Union

 C.W. Pitcock

 Southern Protein

 Ada Veterinary Clinic, Inc

 The Hair Shack

 Filling Spaces

 Travis Reust

 Papa Gjorgjos

 My House Candles & Soaps

 Star Skate

 Cloverleaf Feed & Fertilizer

 Pecan Valley Driving Range

 Donnie James

 Gloria Kemp

 GMark Metal Works


 Grissom's John Deere

 Three Strands

 Melinda Hornbeck

 NV Salon

 Kim's Tanning

 Snazzee Stitchin

 Pick of the Day


 Holiday Traditions

 Brown's Box

 Ada Forget-Me-Not Floral

 First American Bank

 Landmark Bank

 Tom E. Boggs

 Davidson-Chapman Farms

 P.L. Champman

 Guderian Produce

 Lane & Sons Cattle Co.

 The Skin Clinic

Listed Below is a partial list of beneficiaries from the Cowboy Crisis Fund...some have requested their identity remain private. The Cowboy Crisis Fund is able to help an average of four families a month. With your support, we can continue to do so now and in the future.



Dale Johnson

Carrie Storts

Leah Alverez

Suzan Smith

Paula Roberts

Shawna Hardison

Jimmie Dunn

Bobbi Easley

Charten Ward

Lisa Martin

Lyndon Sutton

Charles Humphries

Lindsay Snow

Eddie Christian

Tony Newberry

Glenn Love

Don Daily

Coy Van Schuyver

 2010 Recipients

Sonja Anderson

Charles Bateman

Donell Weist

Lauryn Watkins

Carol Platt

Mary Smith

Tiffany Barrone

Marcia Glase

Betty Newby

Brooke Barrett

Karen Gardner

Glenn James

Kim Hisaw

Brooklyn Kibney

Tommie Estes

Tom Winkler

Johnnie Lewis


Jack Keith

Billy Downer

Meghan Delobe

Chad Grissom

Kelly Manning

Johnny McDonald

Nathan Nolan

Pat Anderson

Missy James

Lance Reed

Byron Smith

Tammy Bass

Connie Prewitt

Corey Ross

Jerry Fisher                

Carly Woods

Darrell Meeks

 Listed below are past beneficiaries from the Cowboy Crisis Fund...some have requested their identity remain private.

Andrea Johnson 

Krosby Clinton

Wyatt Fisher

Brian Manuel

Cord McCoy

Paige Cummings

Raquel Countryman

Patti Pogue

Kenneth Gibson

Jeff Glase

C.W. Pitcock

Patricia Welchel

Vince Abbott

Annetta Gibson

Russ Lacen 

Rebecca Harper

Misti Ray

Jay Presley

Teresa Sanders

Cathie Lacen

Janice Roberts

Daniel Geiser

Jimmy Phillips

Martha Burden

Mike Reynolds

Linda Sweet

Aminah Currie

Keith Keeling

 Josh Nemecek

 Brenda Boyles

 Marion Allen

 Sandra Underhill

 Makella Carson

 Wayne Pennington

Charles Ettier

Jan Sturdevant

Janell Johnson

George Hoyle

Bobby Wilson

Linda Pearce

 Carly Wood

 Benny Nipps

 Chris Hale

 Jessie Wofford

 Misti Gibney

 Devon Wilde

 Billy Jones

 Joe Green

 Bronc Gibson

 Betty Barrett

 Mike Hanks

 Stan Wallace

 Kayle Crewse

 Roger Scribner

 Joe Chick

 Sarah Young

 Laura George

 Aaron Millican

 Mary Marcum

 Keith Issacs

 Patti Foley

 Ashley Russel 

 Linda Day

 Rebecca Owens

 Chris Hall

 Cody Hendley

 Kattie Nolen

 Kimberly Garbutt

 Gayle Hurley

 Ralph Wofford

 John Allen

 Bill Rogers

 Jerry Wells

 Greg Giltner

 Suzanne Lewis

 Hershel Smith

 Joe Reed

 Cotton Wartchow

 Glenn Garriot

 George Powell

 Cody Hill

 Donna Egan 

 Monica Lewis

 Angie Ray 

 David Crisp

 Jay Perkins

 Tooter Kiser

 Bill Dixon

 Steven Tallarita

 Earlene Crisp

 Becca Gentry

 Donald Cothran

 Wanda Hood

 Shirley Davis

 Amaia Lewis

 Clyde Nickell

 Pat Wages

 Vicki Naifeh

 Donetta Cothran

 Bradley Coyle

 Colton Jeter

Jan Sturdevant

 Bill Pickens

 Tony Mosier

 Ginger Lynch

 Jeff Colpetzer

 Mike Lynch

 Patrick Smith

 Randy Parks

 Henry Bolin

 Larry Fleming

 Shannon Sinnett

 Billy Jack

 Ann Weast

 Charles Simonds

 Jody Newberry

 Shirley James

 Sam Brown